Vallely Samurai Determination



Vallely Samurai Determination w/ Art by Yusuke Tsuge.

9 x 32.5/8
Wheelbase: 14 1/2
Nose: 7 1/8
Tail: 6 7/8

On Yellow Veneer w/ Front Wheel Wells.

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Top Graphic:

The last one standing .

Artist Yusuke Tsuge:

This art expresses the story of a True Man.
The story is: His history of Fighting for the Future of Skateboarding.
Since he was just a kid, he kept fighting against the “Big” alone.
He never complied.
He stayed true to himself.
Even if everyone became his enemy.
He didn’t back away.

It was a long and difficult way.
No, it was never easy.
Many times he lost and fell down.
But he Stood Up again and again.
Like the sun sets and rises again.
With Determination.

Always and Forever.
With Determination.

He is The Last Samurai.


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