City Pusher Board. Art By Greg Higgins.



9.5 x 32 5/8
Wheelbase: 14
Nose: 7 1/8
Tail: 7

Orange Bottom Veneer.
Red Top Veneer.

Top Graphic:

Skate, Create, Enjoy Cassette Art By Greg Higgins.

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About The Art: Story by Mike V.

Greg Higgins penned the original New Deal Mammoth graphic for me back in 1991, and now 25 years, later Street Plant is proud to release the City Pusher with art by Greg Higgins on the exact same shape that the Mammoth graphic was released on.

The City Pusher is in a sense, an answer to the ’91 Mammoth board. In 1991, my skate career was deemed to be coming to an end, and the Mammoth graphic was meant in a way (by New Deal) to poke fun at my pending extinction.

Having the rest of my skate career play out on the “Endangered List” made for some strange times, fighting for survival, but I was happy for the mountain and I embraced the climb. And I am just as happy now to be done with it and to be well over that hill.

Being over the hill actually has some great advantages: Namely, total and complete freedom. I am not competing or perceived to be competing with anyone. I am not answering to sponsors, trends or convention in any way. I am just skating for fun, and every moment is true, unfolding from within.

The City Pusher sees a representative character, pushing UP the road, towards the city, into the future. On the street below we see the shadow of the Mammoth’s Tusks, and the struggle they represented, fading away into the past with every new push. The sun is shining but there are also, and always will be, dark clouds and storms ahead on the horizon. Still, we push on. Embracing the good times and bad times with an open heart.

The top graphic encapsulates the idea of getting back to one’s roots and living a more Lo-Fi life in a Hi-Fi age: Skate. Create. Enjoy. Keep it simple.

Reconnecting with Greg Higgins and having his art be a part of the Street Plant story has been a real blessing. The City Pusher joins a classic line-up and a history of board graphics that seek to tell a story and to be representative of an idea, a feeling. Greg captures the spirit of Street Plant perfectly with this art. There are so many of us, shaking off the exterior influences and getting UP the road in our own way, on our own measure and taking it one push at a time.



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