Street Plant LIVE AGAIN


Early 90’s “Football” Inspired Shape, Narrowed to 8 7/8”

8 7/8 x 32
Wheelbase: 14 1/4
Nose: 7
Tail: 6.5

Aqua Bottom Veneer.
Red Top Veneer.
Black Center Core Veneer.

Top Graphic:

Street Plant, Live Again, Fractured Concrete.

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Live Again Board Art By Mark Ferris.

Through his bewilderment.
Through the degradation of work, politics, advertising and war.
And under the covers of mean pleasures and cares.
He somehow finds Himself.
And He Awakens from Within.
To that place where Action and Stillness Meet.
And He dates a New Era in His Life by Riding a Skateboard.
The Sword of His Deliverance!



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