Proudly made in the USA, Carver Trucks are an unmatched innovator of carving trucks in the boarding industry. They turn like no other, they have been imitated but never replicated. They are the original. If you want to ride the concrete wave, Carver is the way to go!

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This truck has been in development for years, the dark little secret we’ve been testing and perfecting with our friends. It’s the traditional 50 degree RKP (Reverse King Pin) truck that we critiqued on a micro level and fixed all the bugs. The straighter kingpin eases the rail a bit so you get a smoother range with firmer bushings, which stiffens up the center so pushing and speed are stabilized. The softer rail makes these trucks great hill carvers, and makes initiating a slide easier.

This is a symmetrical pair of 7.5” (10” axle width) trucks sold as and available in stone aluminum 

Carver Skateboards was founded in 1996 by Neil Carver and Greg Falk in Venice, California as a way to bring the feel of surfing to the streets on flat days. Carver Trucks are a world wide phenomenon with their amazing ability to be able to be pumped like a surfboard. Bringing the fun of the waves onto the concrete, Carver is consequently the original innovator in advancing the carving ability of trucks. Carver Trucks are proudly made in the USA. Therefore being beach inspired for concrete riding. Furthermore, this is the perfect upgrade to keep you riding the concrete waves!

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*Reverse Kingpin 180 mm *Black bushings not green *Made in the USA                                                                                                                                                                        *need to order 2 for a set