Vallely Samurai


Vallely Samurai w/ Art by Yusuke Tsuge.

8 1/8 x 32.5/8
Wheelbase: 14 1/4
Nose: 7 1/8
Tail: 6 7/8

On Natural Veneer w/ Red Center Veneer.

Top Graphic:

Street Plant Japanese Logo on Sensu.

Artist Yusuke Tsuge:

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This Art expresses The Spirit of the Last Samurai.

Nothing can tame him.
He yields to no one.
It is possible to kill him.
But no one can kill his Spirit.
He lives for Honor.
With a beautiful mind.
He doesn’t fear death.

The True Skater is the same.
He lives honestly in his faith.
He doesn’t care about the opinions of others.
He embodies that He is Himself.
A true sign of Individuality.
This is his Honor.
Skate, Create, Enjoy
To Live.


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